Quick & Dirty on SEA

At our core we are a bunch of misfits interested in starting our own businesses. If you don’t like the word misfit, we can also be described as artists, nerds, computer hackers, scarf knitters, gamers, Harry Potter fans, engineering ninjas, and non-business students at Grand Valley State University who are considering or actively taking entrepreneurship up as a career path.

We’re always accepting new members. All we required is that you have a passion for something and an interest in entrepreneurship. Why? Because you can’t fit all entrepreneurs into one box, and we don’t want to do that to you.


Three Quick Truths About SEA!

#1: We love entrepreneurship.

You don’t have to have an idea to create the next Facebook or a solution world hunger. You just have to have an idea for a great product or service. We don’t focus on just art or just business – we offer a cross-disciplinary approach (that means we are open to all majors!) to help you gain the business acumen necessary to at least cover daily lunch expenses (or maybe next years tuition if you’re really awesome) while having a lot of fun.

#2: Numbers suck . . . sometimes.

Getting an M.B.A. is a great way to add credentials to the end of your name, but you don’t need one to start a business. Reality is that starting a business sucks 37% of the time (We like the number 37). The other 73% allows you to focus on all of the cool stuff – design, making, backing hacking, or whatever else it is that you do. We want to make the number part suck a little less.

#3: We’re not in this thing alone.

We enthusiasts, not experts. As much as we’d like to believe we know everything, we don’t. We have enlisted the help of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Self Employment in the Arts to supplement anything we don’t know or can’t provide. We won’t steer you wrong, instead we’ll just steer you toward one of those guys.


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