Who We are

The Student Enterprise Association (SEA) started as a way to fill the need of talented students who had been trained how to create but not what to do with that creation.

The focus of SEA is on the business of talent. SEA was created with the idea that more students will succeed if they have business skills, knowledge, resources, and contacts. While SEA is open to all majors, the organization is primarily geared toward non-business majors (advertising, art, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science, engineering, english, film and video, graphic design, liberal studies, music, natural resource management, public/nonprofit administration, public relations, etc).

Collaboration is at the core of creation. SEA strives to bridge the gap between talent and business. Providing non-business majors access to the business culture at GVSU and in West Michigan is one step toward providing students with a truly liberal education experience while studying at GVSU.

Through conferences, collaborations with student organizations, our advisory organizations, competitions, and bi-weekly meetings SEA members gain exposure and experience in entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Our goal is to help students turn their passions into a living.

What We Do

We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 6:00pm  in Kirkhof Center Room 2259. Each year we participate in 4 conferences, 5 business competitions, and more than 5 non-GVSU entrepreneurship events. We also host our own competition – The Startup Cup. Check out our calendar at www.seagv.com/calendar for dates.

During our meetings we focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. We never spend more than 10 minutes on administrative stuff. Why? It’s gross and we only have 1 hour to spend together. Expect to spend the next 15 minutes jumping  into the working world of a local professional or getting your hands dirty in an activity to unleash your creativity. After we get the wheels turning we break off into our innovation clusters. We have four clusters: Small Business, Social Ventures, Techies & Hackers, and The Creative Bunch. The last 10 minutes are spent with reports from the Big Kahunas. Finally we leave at 7:00pm.

Every moment counts. We promise you haven’t seen entrepreneurship like this.

Who We Partner With