2012 GVSU Business Plan Competition Winners

The 5th annual Business Plan Competition was by far the best competition hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Out of the seven companies presented, five of them were actually viable companies. CEI spiced things up this year by offering door prizes to audience members. No SEA members won anything, but thats okay. 7 companies and 11 students battled it out for the competitions standard prizes: 1st place = $5000; 2nd place = $3000; and 3rd place = $1500.
. . .  and the winners were:
  1. BAHRS, LLC (Miles Smith, international Business & Marketing Major). Company Description: BAHRS, LLC is a company focused on improving conditions in the sport fishing industry by developing and commercializing The Break Away Coupling. 
  2. Designer Vents (Jon Rasmussen, Marketing Major; and Sam Rasmussen, Management Major). Company Description: Designer Vents manufacturers personalized register wall vents.
  3. AL&S Solutions, LLC (Thad Cummings, Natural Resource Management Major). Company Description: A distribution business for compostable foodservice items as well as a compost-pick up service.

The Buzz Award ($500) went to Converj Social Media (Ryan Skonieczny, Finance & Management Major). Company Description: Converj will manage the social media strategies of small to medium sized businesses, improve internet presence, integrate web 2.0 apps and provide analytic-driven research and feedback.

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