Welcome to the website for the Student Enterprise Association (SEA). I am extremely excited for the 2012-2013 academic year with a great group of talented GVSU Students.

Our  meetings will be held bi-weekly starting Winter 2013 to wet your entrepreneurial whistle and you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to start getting your hands dirty in business throughout the year. Professional development and business model ideation (aka flushing out your business idea) will be the two things we’ll focus on this year.

Make sure you check out the other pages to learn more about us. If you find yourself with questions and without answers, drop us a line on our contact page. After that, if you think we’re kinda cool like us on Facebook or  follow us on Twitter.

As always you can contact me personally with any questions at any time via email at reynolds.ulandra@gmail.com. I’ll be seeing you soon!

– Ulandra Reynolds, President 2012-2013